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Auditory value and signal chains

Sound and music productions' various tools, mechanisms, phases and function.

Auditory and audiovisual productions.

Production and the project's interdisciplinary processes.

Music technology and basic music theory.

Recording of sound and music in the studio, and on location.

Post production of audio and conversions

Editing in different formats

Strategic design of functional music

Mediated music (film music etc.) composition and scars

Room acoustics, material density, frequency, listening

Microphone technology, microphone selection

Basic electrical and room acoustics

The physical properties of sound in air, electronics and in digital signaling processes.

Music analysis (arrangements / instruments / frequencies / style / goals)

Industry knowledge, World wide web and social media


10 course days of 4 hours

Day 1 Introduction.

Day 2 Signal passage

Day 3 Recording and other audio sources

Day 4 Digital technology

Day 5 Software

Day 6 Audio banks, samples, apple loops

Day 7 Recording

Day 8 Acoustic instruments

Day 9 Editing, mix

Day 10 Mastering / Distribution



Advanced courses are specializations of subjects in the basic course. We adapt the syllabus to the student's needs.

In modules 2, 3, and 4, we go more in depth in some of the subjects from the basic course.

Get in touch for more information and a plan that suits you.

Module 2

Programming in Logic Studio, arrangement, sound design, sound to image, sampling, effects, softsynther, plugins.

Module 3

Analog and digital mixing tables, listening, room acoustics, microphone selection and placement, EQ, compression, editing, downmixing, live sound (PA).

Module 4

Music producer: From idea to finished product. Here you carry out a professional music production that we distribute digitally where you want it (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.) You are left with a ready-to-sell product. You learn to protect your rights with regard to registration with Gramo, Gramart and Tono.

We emphasize that it is a great advantage to have access to your own equipment, and that the courses require a large proportion of your own efforts.


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