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Helvetica Light er en lettleselig font med høye og smale bokstaver, som fungerer bra på nesten hvilken som helst side.

Medie Kurs

Camera and Video Production incorporate say our curriculum

in the course "Modern Media Production", which we have held since 2007. The course fee can be covered by means testing by the authorities. Teaching is adapted to Covid-19.

Due to the virus, we have had a break, but are now ready in new premises.

Fossumveien 125

1359 Eiksmarka, Viken                                 
Tel: +47-95074811

Org. Nr:  982.507.634

NAV Bedrifts. Nr: 991.225.110    

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Fossumveien 125, 1359 Eiksmarka

Tlf: 95074811

Org.Nr:  982.507.634 Bed.NAV 991.225.110                                                             

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